Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bon Appétit

For years, and that is no exaggeration, I have been plotting and planning to start a blog. I visited blogs after blogs, trying to understand the virtual culture. Then I set about thinking what I would write about. People? Places? My frustrations? Work? I thought the easiest would be to create a blog and then decide on the subject. So I created one and then coolly forgot the password. Not that I wrote anything in it. I don’t think I even had a title for the blog. Anyway, I continued reading others’ brilliantly and not so brilliantly written blogs. And then one fine day, I got hooked on to Twitter (bless social media!) During a series of tweets that went on between friends and me, the topic of food came up. Oh yes, the one subject that unites all humans! Food was so greatly talked about on Twitter one exceptional day that I suddenly had a Eureka moment. Two lovely ladies tweeted about reviving their food blogs and that was when it struck me. I could blog about food. I love food just like everybody else.
There is something so remarkable about food that it can cheer me up on a gloomy day, bring back wonderful memories, bond instantly with someone I have never met before and in some instances, inspire me to boldly enter the kitchen. I am no great cook, but I do love dabbling with the many ingredients I fill my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator with. And I love eating out, takeaways, home deliveries, roadside dhabas, fine dining… you name it and I shall not object! Maybe except for frog legs, which incidentally is on my ‘100 Things To Do Before I Die’ list. So here I am…on a journey to indulge in three of my passions – food, writing and living it up!

PS: When I created this blog, I got bitten by the blog bug and ventured out to create another one - That is where my first official entry into the virtual world happened. And I shall be eternally grateful to Rekha Baala and Sandhya Menon for giving me my Eureka moment. Thank you, girls!


  1. Kudos! Oman tweep turned blogger! With yr spicy words & classy pictures pl. Do appetize us & throw in a few freebie meets for fellow tweeps once in a while ;P So where is your 1st pitstop?

  2. Well done, Anne. I really have to get on the road to reviving my food blog. But with a mommy blog, a general blog and regular writing, I think I need to learn a new language to blog in :D

  3. Ok Anne, looking forward to more from you. Reading your other blog and it's got some real spicy stuff. I like! More comments there!

  4. Sangeeta,
    Thank you for the encouraging words. Wish I cud organise a few food tweet-up..inshallah. When I opne my cafe, Anne's World :-) Till then I shall take you on a virtual foodie trail!

    Need all the bouquets and brickbats you can spare to get this going. Have been unfair to this pet project and shown more love to the other blog. Didn't know about your mommy blog. Shall check that out.

    Babe, let's all spice up the virtual world :-)

  5. Congrats Anne!!! Keep d passion f food goin in ur write ups...Luvd d starter....awaitin more such appetiser reads :)

  6. Thank you, Dimpling! Don't forget, you are one of my guest writers.

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